Consulting and Services

We cover the needs of our clients in the environmental regulatory compliance of their projects.

Our professional and technical team, together with the equipment and infrastructure available in CCyA, allow us to develop comprehensive environmental assessment studies that involve site surveys, environmental matrix monitoring, laboratory analysis and mathematical modeling.

Integral research

  • Air quality studies: design of the monitoring plan, sampling, analysis and mathematical modeling of dispersion of pollutants
  • Water quality studies in rivers, lakes and estuaries: monitoring and hydrodynamic mathematical modeling and transport of pollutants
  • Odor studies: characterization of sources, organoleptic evaluation, direct measurement and mathematical modeling of odor dispersion
  • Studies of sediment transport in rivers, reservoirs and seacoast: Impact assessment by dredging works, coastal landfills and artificial islands
  • Noise studies: characterization of sources, monitoring and mathematical modeling
  • Gas and ventilation studies
  • Emission of greenhouse gases for industrial, urban and transport projects

Environmental feasibility of projects

  • EFS - Environmental Feasibility Studies
  • EB - Environmental Baseline
  • EIS - Environmental Impact Studies
  • PES - Previous Environmental Study
  • EDP - Environmental Declaration of Projects
  • PS - Environmental and Social Performance Standars from Financial Organizations (IIC, IDB, WB)

Environmental Permits

  • Technical reports and environmental permit management for large projects
  • EFC - Environmental Fitness Certificate
  • Discharge of gaseous effluents
  • EFC renewal audit
  • Exploitation of aquifers
  • Affidavit of waste
  • Certification of Installation and Operation

Development of Comprehensive Environmental Management Plans

  • Integral design of Environmental Management Plans
  • Execution of monitoring plans according to Res. 555 SE
  • Execution of monitoring plans according to OPDS Standards
  • Environmental monitoring systems
  • Design and implementation of continuous air quality and odor monitoring systems
  • Environmental audits of work and operation

Environmental passives

  • Determination of environmental liabilities / Diu Dilligence.
  • Risk Analysis: Phase I, Phase II and Phase III studies
  • Management of environmental conflicts
  • RBCA Risk Based Corrective Actions
  • Closing and transfer audits: Res. 95/14 OPDS

Biological studies

  • Bird mortality in wind farms
  • Eutrophication of lakes and reservoirs
  • Characterization of birdlife
  • Impact on benthos and aquatic biota
  • Spontaneous Revegetation
  • Biomass
  • Variation of phytoplankton by thermal impact
  • Characterization of vegetation


  • Sustainable waste management
  • Design of reuse plants
  • Impact of waste thermodestruction