CCyA Ingeniería’s goal is to assist their clients in the field of the environmental engineering, providing services with the highest local and international standards.

We engage in projects of medium and big scope, with experience in renewable energy, conventional energy, production industries, extractive industries, infrastructure, transport, nourishment industries and waste, among others.

The company counts with the energy and the appropriate resources expected of a modern organization, with the flexibility needed to adapt to new situations and the experience that allow us to engage in projects of high complexity.

We perform tasks of consultancy for the analysis of the environmental feasibility of projects, environmental permit management; develop of environmental management plans, environmental passives and waste.

We specialize in the accomplishment of air quality studios, odors, underground and surface water quality, sediment transport, sounds, gases and ventilation, electromagnetic fields, greenhouse and biologic gases.

We perform plans of environmental control with monitoring according to the national and local regulations.

The company counts with a team of mathematical modeling experts covering the areas of gaseous emissions, sediments and contaminants transport, odors dispersal, noise propagation, wave simulation, electromagnetic fields and CFD.

CCyA Ingenieria is a team of recognized professionals in their respective areas of expertise, along with years of joint professional practice developing projects for local and international companies and institutions.

We own a laboratory for the evaluation of air quality, odors and gaseous emissions. It’s equipped with the latest technology and according to EPA Norms.We perform task of environmental monitoring on every climates and terrains, with the necessary equipment for air, soil and water sampling, and electromagnetic fields and ionizing radiation sampling.

With an advanced crew and equipment, we can develop researches for complex or unique problems with high efficiency, applying the newest tools of predictive engineering. We can offer to our clients work methodologies that have been accomplished and perfected through the years.